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Orestiada Evros

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Orestiada Evros

Nea Orestiada is the newest and northernmost city in Greece. It was built in 1923 by refugees from Edirne and Karaagaç following the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne between Greece and Turkey.

The city lies north of Thrace, in Evros Prefecture, in the midst of a fertile rural area with 100,000 hectares of cultivable land and ample water flowing from the rivers of Evros, Arda and Erythropotamos. Agricultural products constitute the city’s main source of income. However, the province’s livestock production is also substantial. The province’s industrial and telecommunications infrastructure is found in the area of Nea Orestiada, where approximately 1,300 professionals, craftsmen and traders carry out their activities.

Nea Orestiada is the capital of the province of the same name and has a population of 20,000 inhabitants. It is known for its beautiful town plan, great number of monuments, financial soundness, rapid reconstruction and constant population growth, which is a sign of development.

Today, Nea Orestiada is an important transport hub. The road connecting Greece with Bulgaria, with the Balkan, Danube and Black Sea countries, as well as with Russia, Turkey and the Middle East passes through Nea Orestiada, as does the Athens-Istanbul-Sofia railway line, which connects Greece with the Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe, and the Black Sea countries. The city is also connected by air with the rest of the world via the Alexandroupolis International Airport.

In terms of culture, Orestiada is one of the liveliest cities in Greece. Two things contribute to this fact: on the one hand the wealth of Thracian cultural traditions, customs, local costumes and its musical heritage, and on the other hand the drive and willingness of the inhabitants to preserve and make known their time-honoured popular traditions.

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